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As in every major European city, Dublin city has its dangers. But by following these simple guidelines you can make your visit to Dublin bith safe andenjoyable.

  • When walking in the city-center make sure your money and passport are in secure locations on your person.

  • Make sure your bags cannot be opened without you knowing, particularly backpacks.

  • Plan your trip! If you get lost or flustered, take your time. Go into the nearest café and get yourself a coffee, sit down with your map and clarify what to do next.

  • The weather in Dublin is unpredictable. It will often rain by the end of the day, even if it looks like a sunny day. Make sure you have a rain jacket or umbrella with you at all times.

  • The majority of Dubliners are helpful when it comes to directions etc. but a small minority will take advantage of tourists. When asking for directions make sure there are plenty of people around, so you’re not venerable.

  • Travel insurance is not necessary but it is advisable. You just never know when you need it.

Remember, keep your money safe

Make arrangements to store your excess cash, travellers cheques, passport and other valuables in the safe in your accommodation.

Do not carry all your money together. If travellingas a couple or in a group split the money between you. Keep excess cash, travellers cheques, credit cards in a discreet money belt inside your clothing.

Make a note of the serial numbers and denominations of all your travellers cheques. Kepp this list and your emergency refund telephone numbers safely away from your travellers cheques.

Never keep your travellers cheques and passport together.

Don't countersign any of your travellers cheques until you are cashing them, and then only in the presence of the cashier. Don't cash more than necessary.

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