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87B Booterstown Ave, Blackrock, Dublin 4
01 6785388

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Patient Centred Medicine: Thinking beyond narrow medical diagnostic boxes.
Dr Leo Galland from the U.S. coined the term 'Patient-centred Medicine'. This implies building the treatment around the individual patient and their particular problem rather than trying to shoe-horn every patient with a particular diagnosis into one form of treatment

This approach pays attention to improving the patient's quality of life and sense of well-being rather than merely treating the 'diagnostic box' in which the patient has been placed.

Integrative medicine combines nutritional medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture and mind-body medicine (sometimes referred to as : Alternative Medicine) with conventional medicine. To quote Dr Andrew Weil and Dr Lesley Rees in an excerpt from the British Medical Journal of January 20th, 2001:Integrated medicine "Imbues orthodox medicine with the values of complementary medicine". Dr Patrick Magovern practises integrative medicine in Dublin, Ireland and also London


87B Booterstown Ave, Blackrock, Dublin 4, Dublin
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